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Salon's Vision

~We want you to utilize your individuality and enjoy being a hairdresser to your heart's content in your own worldview~

We are a salon that prides itself on the individuality and highly specialized skills of each staff member.

To enable staff to realize their own career goals, lesson time and photo shoot time are reserved during business hours. We also hold study sessions twice a week with the participation of all staff to improve their expertise. As hairdressers' job is to improve their expertise and accumulate more nominations, we systematically create an environment where they can improve their expertise. Therefore, all of Tornado's stylists are highly nominated staff who generate sales above the national average.

We believe that "relaxed working style and technological improvements that keep up with the times" lead to motivation and confidence, which in turn brings joy to our customers and leads to the growth of our company.

All of our staff work together to make our salon a great place, so if you feel like you want to provide our customers with the skills you are confident in, come work with us!

We are especially looking for people like this!

・People who can value others ・People who can maintain their independence ・People who want to acquire skills that will allow them to continue selling ・People who can work for a long time We all welcome!

2024 New Graduate Recruitment Guidelines

<Qualifications for application>

Cosmetology license holder

<Work location>


<Employment status>

full-time employee


Monthly salary: 210,000 yen and up (including a monthly commuting allowance of 5,000 yen)

(3 month trial period: 185,000 yen)

<Working hours>

Monday, Thursday, Friday (10:00-20:00)

Saturday and Sunday (10:00-19:00)



火曜・水曜日 固定

夏期休暇 最大10日間 定休日を含む休暇年2回


年末年始休暇5日間(前年事例 12月31日〜1月4日)


Transportation expenses of 5,000 yen

Complete social insurance (health insurance/employee pension insurance/employment insurance/nursing care insurance)

There is a staff discount system for hair care products etc., and a staff family discount system.

<Training period>

One month training period starting in April

(Learn how to shampoo, massage and dry)


Lessons during business hours: 90 to 100 hours planned

Lessons available during working hours

General Practice Session

Monday 9:30-10:30

Thursday 8pm to 9pm

Friday 8pm to 9pm

<Desired personality>

Honest people, people who value others, people who want to work long term

<How to apply>

(1) Salon experience (required)

To make reservations, visit the store, and receive treatment as a customer.

(2) Sending documents

TORNADO application form, transcript, A4 return envelope

Instagram account (required)

<Mail address>

〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 4-5-10 Noguchi Building 2F

Hair Salon Tornado Human Resources Department


<Recruitment process>

① Salon experience ② Document screening ③ Interview ④ Salon training ⑤ Job offer


At TORNADO, we provide an environment where you can make your debut as a stylist in as little as 1 year and 10 months!

We provide an environment where you can practice efficiently during business hours while receiving direct guidance from your seniors.

2024 New Graduate Recruitment Brochure

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